Saturday, June 14, 2008

We made it to Seattle!

For those of you who were wondering...we arrived in Seattle on Sunday April 29th. We were supposed to leave Thursday, then Friday, finally Saturday at 8 PM we left Pleasant Grove, Utah. Carter drove with me in the Honda and Jake trailed behind driving the Toyota. We made it till about midnight and stopped in Jerome, Idaho to sleep. We woke in the morning and the hotel clerk said we only had 4 hours to Seattle. We were so excited! We'd thought we had much longer. We hopped in our cars and started going. I called Jake to say the GPS said we had 9 hours. Much to our sadness...Seattle was still 9 hours away (o: About 1 hour out of Seattle, I lost Jake and my phone went dead and I had the GPS and hotel info and Jake had my phone charger. So, Jake got lost, but he got to see downtown Seattle.